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Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada l’Association pour la microbiologie médicale et l’infectiologie Canada

AMMI Canada is the national association that represents physicians, clinical microbiologists and researchers specializing in the fields of medical microbiology and infectious diseases.

Through promotion of the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human infectious diseases and by our involvement in education, research, clinical practice and advocacy, AMMI Canada aims to serve and educate the public and also to enhance the career opportunities of its members through professional development and advocacy initiatives.

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The information in this app is intended for use by healthcare practitioners in Canada. It addresses the use of antiviral drugs in the management of influenza illness as published by AMMI Canada. For both zanamivir and oseltamivir, these guidelines are recommending some uses that are off-label and not approved by Health Canada. Accordingly, it remains incumbent on the prescribing clinician to apprise the patient that the drug has not been approved for this indication. Physicians are strongly advised to use clinical judgement when assessing patients and making treatment decisions. For complete recommendations, download the guidelines from the AMMI Canada website.

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